2018 Q&A with National Chairperson | Sasol New Signatures

2018 Q&A with National Chairperson

Sasol New Signatures 2018 has been officially launched and entries are now open. We took this opportunity to hear from our National Chairperson, Professor Pieter Binsbergen.

The theme for this year’s competition is “ Limitless”...how do you interpret this?

This year’s competition is launched in the midst of both challenging and exciting times in South Africa’s socio-political landscape, but it also signals the dawn of new creative opportunities that are truly ‘limitless’. Limitless in our imagination, limitless in our ability to effect change and through this, limitless in the creative voices of the undiscovered artists in our country who become the cornerstones of a unique visual identity.

You shoulder the responsibility of being the Chairperson of the judging panel -  how do you experience the judging sessions?

It is a privilege to be involved in such a prestigious event and I’m keen to get going. My favourite part is interacting with young artists and seasoned art adjudicators around the country to see what fresh talent the competition attracts.

What role do you see Sasol New Signatures playing on the artistic landscape?

Sasol New Signatures prides itself in being at the forefront of contemporary visual communication. The ethos of the competition has always been centred on sustainability, nurturing the kindling spirit of young artists and raising their presence to a higher visual communication platform.

What contribution do art competitions play in developing artists’ careers?

Local competitions are crucial as they afford visual communication a platform that is able to compete with visual art trends globally. Competitions showcase the best of the best and launch careers.

Tell us about the Feedback Sessions

I will be travelling around the country with my colleagues - getting involved and offering information and observations on te qulaity of the slected and unslected work. Interaction with entrants also allows us to reinforce the essence of this competition.

How important is sponsorship of the visual arts?

As an art academic, artist and lecturer I commend Sasol and the Association of Arts for the continued support and dedication to the visual arts over a period of nearly three decades. Without opportunities of visual empowerment, such as the Sasol New Signatures, visual art and in turn visual communication in South Africa would struggle.

Any words of encouragement to everyone involved?

I wish all stakeholders of the competition a hearty 2018 and look forward to seeing the magnitude of talent the competition will uncover this time around. This is truly an amazing and exciting journey and I urge you all to enjoy the ‘visual arts road trip’ with us.