2019 Info Sessions unpacked

The Sasol New Signatures 2019 roadshow is in full swing. The Sasol team, lead by our National Chairperson, Professor Binsbergen , is heading around the country hosting information sessions. These are designed to encourage entries and to highlight all entry requirements. We attended the session at Artists Proof Studio in Newtown, Johannesburg where students were given the opportunity to participate in a Q & A session where their questions were addressed by Professor Binsbergen. We share some of the some FAQs…

1: Where do I get an entry form?

The entry form is available on the Sasol New Signatures website


2: Why should I enter?

Sasol New Signatures celebrates 30 years in 2019 and is established as South Africa’s oldest and most respected art competition. This is a brilliant opportunity to participate in a national art competition and get recognised as an artist to watch, if selected to be included in the catalogue and add to your artist CV.

3: What is the theme for 2019?

The theme for this year is “Limitless”. This means “How limitless is your artistic reach?” Your work does not have to echo the theme. We encourage artists to use this platform to explore medium, themes and social and personal commentary.

4: Do I have to be a student to enter?

No, not at all!  All South African artists who are 18 years or older, who have not yet held a solo exhibition (except for an exhibition that was held for academic purposes) can enter.

5: Do I have to be a South African citizen?

Yes! Only artists who are South African citizens or permanent residents may participate in the competition.

6: Is there prize money up for grabs?

The first prize is R100 000 and an opportunity for a solo exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum. The runner-up receives  R25 000 and five merit awards get R10 000 each.

7: Should I be motivated by the prize money?

The prize money is very attractive. However, entrants are encouraged to focus on the experience and the possibility of being selected for the prestigious catalogue.

8: Help – what is an artist statement?

Your entry must be accompanied by your conceptual statement/synopsis that outlines the central idea of the work. This must not be longer than 250 words. Approach a mentor to assist you if you are struggling and keep it short.

9: I can’t afford to frame my work…

Work does not have to be framed. But all hanging accessories need to be supplied. For example a dowel rod and bull-dog clips if you are hangling a print. Make sure the art work is clean - no fingerprints. If you are confused please read the entry form carefully.

10: How many works can I enter?

An artist may enter a maximum of two works. A single work could be made up of several parts eg: a triptych. Please do take note of the space guidlines allocated to each entry.

11: What is the purpose of the feedback sessions?

Feedback sessions are a free-of-charge learning experience. All entrants are encouraged to attend. The National Chairperson will be at the collection point after regional selection to give general feedback as to why certain entered works were accepted and others rejected. Please note that the chairperson will offer a general overview in this regard and not give individual feedback or enter into personal discussion with entrants.

12: How does the judging process work?

The most important thing to understand is that all judging is underpinned by full transparency! Works are judged individually, based on the concept, use of material, quality of craftsmanship, and skill demonstrated

13: What is the purpose of Regional Judging?

Each regional collection point has a panel of regional judges. These judges select works from the regions which are then entered into the final round.

14: Where can I enter my work?

Entries must be submitted to one of the regional collection points on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 and Wednesday, 19 June 2019. No entries will be received before or after these dates, or outside the hours of 10h00 and 16h00.

15: What happens to my work if it is selected?

Selected works from the regions are taken to the Pretoria Art Museum with Stuttafords Van Lines. Here they are photographed for the catalogue by a professional photographer and curated for the final exhibition, which opens on 22nd August 2019.

16: What happens to my work if it is not selected?

You must collect your work on the specified date. You will not be reminded to fetch your work from the collection point. Your work will be disposed of if alternative arrangements have not been made with the organisers.

17: What are the dates for the final exhibition?

The exhibition takes place at the Pretoria Art Museum from Thursday, 22 August 2019 to Sunday, 29 September 2019 and is open to the public.

18: How do I keep up to date with SNS 2019:

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