Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Contemporary, innovative and emerging artists with winning aspirations, who are willing to go beyond their imagination, are invited to submit their artworks at one of several collection points around the country on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 June for judging and selection for the Sasol New Signatures exhibition 2022. 

Sasol New Signatures shines the spotlight on South African artistic talent and creates opportunities to showcase undiscovered artists.  This competition has over the years provided a platform for unknown artists to break into the mainstream. If you are an artist who is looking for a career in the art arena, have the talent and the drive and the vision for a solo exhibition - this is the competition for you!  It gives you an opportunity to have your work seen, not only by the judges but also by the art-loving public.  You just never know who is watching.

We have put together some of our most frequently asked questions to assist you in preparing your entry form, explain what type of works can be submitted and how to get your work submission ready.

How to enter?  Read the entry form thoroughly to make sure that you understand the rules and regulations of the competition.  Print the entry form.  Once you’ve done this you must decide which artwork/s you would like to enter – remember, you can only submit two artworks.  Once you’ve decided which artworks you are going to enter you must complete the entry form.  Attach your biography (Curriculum Vitae), a conceptual statement, a copy of your ID and a colour photograph or colour photographs of your artworks to the entry form.  On Tuesday, 7 June or Wednesday, 8 June you must deliver your artworks and the entry form-package to a collection point - there are 7 collection points where you can enter (details on the entry form).  You will leave the artworks at the collection point.  You have to go back to the collection point where you dropped off your work for the feedback session (the dates of the feedback sessions are on the entry form) and to find out whether your artwork was selected or not. 

Where do I get an entry form? The entry form is available on the Sasol New Signatures website and at the collection points.   We can also email you an entry form – send an email to or phone, send a SMS or WhatsApp to Nandi - 083 288 5117.

Do I have to be a student to enter? No, not at all!  All South African artists who are 18 years or older, who have not yet held a solo exhibition (except for an exhibition that was held for academic purposes) can enter.

Is there an upper age limit?  No, if you have not had a solo exhibition you are allowed to enter.

Do I have to be a South African citizen? Yes! Only artists who are South African citizens (South African identity document) or permanent residents (Permit of Permanent Residence) may participate in the competition.  International students who do not have a Permit of Permanent Residence are not allowed to enter.

What is an artist statement? Your entry must be accompanied by your conceptual statement/synopsis that outlines the central idea of the work. This must not be longer than 250 words. Approach a mentor to assist you if you are struggling and keep it short.

I can’t afford to frame my work… An artwork does not have to be framed but all hanging accessories need to be supplied, for example a dowel rod and fold-back clips if you are hanging a drawing, print, photograph, etc. Make sure that the artwork is clean - no fingerprints. If you are confused, please refer to clause 19 on the entry form.

How many works can I enter? An artist may enter a maximum of two artworks. A single artwork could be made up of several parts for example a triptych. Please do take note of the size limit of 250 cm x 250 cm x 250 cm for each entry.

What happens to my work if it is selected? Selected artworks from the regions are taken to the Pretoria Art Museum by Stuttaford Van Lines. They are then photographed for the catalogue by a professional photographer and curated for the final exhibition.  Please note that entrants submitting in Johannesburg, whose artworks are selected, will need to transport their artworks to Pretoria Art Museum. 

What happens to my work if it is not selected? You must collect your artwork on the specified date (refer to clause 35 and 36 on the entry form). You will not be reminded to fetch your artwork from the drop-off point. Your artwork will be disposed of if alternative arrangements have not been made with the organisers.

Do I need to submit the entry form prior to the submission days on 7th & 8th June?

No – entry forms and all supporting documents must accompany the artwork on the submission days.

Am I able to submit my work online?  No – sadly not!   You must deliver the original artwork to a collection point on 7 or 8 June

I’m a Photographer and Filmmaker - must I print and frame my work, or can I submit digitally?  Photographs must be printed and submitted along with a completed entry form and supporting documentation at a collection point on 7 or 8 June 2022.  Works cannot be submitted digitally. You do not need to frame them but please bear in mind the overall display and the way they are hung helps in the judging process.  All artworks must be display ready.

Videos must be submitted in MP4 HD format.  The file can be sent to via WeTransfer/Dropbox or it can be brought to a collection point on a memory stick.  Remember to include an entry form and the supporting documentation.   Videos can be no longer than 5 minutes.  Refer to clause 27 on the entry form. 

What is visual art? I am a singer and dancer; can I enter the competition? The Sasol New Signatures Art Competition is a competition for the visual arts – music, dance, fashion, creative writing and poetry do not fall into the visual art category. 

Do I get my work back?  You do get your artwork back after the competition unless it is sold during the exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum.  Please refer to the clause 35, 36, 39 and 40 on the entry form.

Can I courier an artwork to a collection point? You can courier your artwork to a collection point.  We suggest you contact them ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements and inform them of the delivery. 

Can someone submit a work on my behalf?  Yes, you can ask someone to submit a work on your behalf.  Please attach a letter of consent to the entry form.

Can someone collect a work on my behalf?  Yes, you can ask someone to collect a work on your behalf.  Please give them a letter of consent and a copy of your ID.

What is the Feedback Session and why should I attend? Entrants are strongly advised to attend the Feedback Sessions. The National Chairperson will be at the collection point after regional judging and selection to give general feedback as to why certain entered works were accepted and others rejected. Please note that the chairperson will offer a general overview in this regard and not give individual feedback or enter into personal discussion with entrants.

For more info read the Sasol New Signatures blog and watch the Information Video