Info Sessions 2018 Unpacked | Sasol New Signatures

Info Sessions 2018 Unpacked

Professor Pieter Binsbergen (National Chairperson of Sasol New Signatures Art Competition) visited The Artist Proof Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg to present an Information Session to members of the public and students. Binsbergen and the team have been travelling across South Africa for the last few weeks helping potential entrants understand the entry requirements, the judging process and why opportunities presented by Sasol New Signatures should be embraced.

Why enter competitions?

Competitions present opportunities for the career-driven artist and allow entrants to supplement their CVs which contributes to career sustainability.

Binsbergen emphasised the necessity for artists to map out their future. He recalled how he himself entered many competitions during his youth. He never won any of them but he consistently placed in the the top 10 and was featured in competition catalogues which gave him exposure and built his profile, which ultimately resulted in him achieving his Professorship. Competitions were part of his journey and he encouraged everyone to enter as many as possible year after year as they are platforms from which a professional career can be launched.

Are you serious about your career as an artist?

Transcend the limits of your artistic reach.

Binsbergen underlined the importance of entering for anyone committed to a career in art.

If you have a talent and a craft - the only way to make a living is to get your work seen and you never know who is watching! He recounted a recent experience in the Bidvest Premier Lounge at OR Tambo airport where he noticed the work of lino artist Victor Kuster, an alumnus of Artist Proof Studio who had entered Sasol New Signatures Art Competition and had his work featured in the catalogue. From here his work was noticed and purchased and it now hangs in a prestigious public space which is another platform in itself.

What do you want to do with your work?

Art is hard.

You might have dreams of becoming a recognised artist but no one becomes famous overnight and there are no quick fixes. As an artist you are a visual communicator and create work to be seen by an audience. Sasol New Signatures Art Competition provides an opportunity for your work to be in the public domain which provides exposure and could lead to developments in your career. Consider the opening night of Sasol New Signatures at the Pretoria Art Museum. This is a high profile event with all the top galleries and influencers in the Johannesburg art world in attendance. Who knows what could happen from here? As a professional artist you need to think about your career path and map out a plan to reach your goals - entering competitions must be part of this plan.

It is not about the prize money.

Chalk up your CV!

Sasol News Signatures is not just about the money and you need to think about the bigger picture. In the future if you are going to apply for any type of funding, tendering on government funded initiatives, pitching for community based projects or looking for gallery space - being able to show that you have been an active and selected artist in national competitions is a great benefit. This achievement adds weight to your CV and shows that you are serious and career minded.

Pricing of Work

Ridiculous prices results in rejection.

Whilst there is no formula to pricing work and it is a tricky business, Binsbergen warned against the proliferation of completely unreasonable prices. One way of approaching this issue is to consult with experts and savvy people and to pay attention to economic viability. Be reasonable and remember there is no price tag to the process.


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