Regional judging completed across South Africa

The Sasol New Signatures organising team was delighted and slightly overwhelmed by the fantastic turnout of entrants at all seven regions. Some of the highest submission numbers in the competition’s history were recorded this year and this interest is reflective of the artistic energy and passion to produce that exists in all parts of the country. A total number of works received in 2022 was 1065 with 108 selected to go through to the final judging.

“I was particularly enriched by the many conversations I had with artists of all persuasions during the feedback sessions, ranging from the professionally university-trained entrants to occasional artists who used the competition as a platform to re-invigorate their creativity” said Chairperson Pfunzo Sidogi.

Overall, the judges were impressed by the diversity of narratives and boldness in artistic vision evident in some of the submissions. Regrettably, many of the artworks that showed great promise did not make it into the final judging round because of the exceptionally high standard of selection the respective regional judging panels maintained. “ I am extremely delighted with the submissions that made it into the final judging round, although there are many more that deserved to be selected. The incredible turnout the competition experienced this year bodes well for the current and future vitality of art in South Africa. Onwards with the spirit of creativity. All sectors of South Africa are desperate for it!” added Sidogi.

The winners will be announced on 24th August and the works will be on view at the Pretoria Art Museum from 25th August until 2nd October 2022.

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