About Us

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest effect. From the invisible molecules that make up the paint adorning a canvas, to the undiscovered artist who captivates audiences with a unique and inspiring masterpiece – this is your time to be noticed.

Art plays an important part in the cultural fabric of our nation and competitions serve to encourage greater creativity across age, gender and education, as well as to acknowledge the wealth of talent that we have in our country.

We recognize that art is one of the most fundamental expressions of human behaviour, and Sasol has thus been assembling a collection of contemporary South African art since the 1960’s.

The collection came about through the efforts of former Sasol Chairman, Johannes Stegmann, who worked tirelessly to assemble a collection that gives enjoyment, inspires, enriches, and occasionally perplexes.  His influence began a period of many years where talented young South Africans were given the opportunity to excel in the visual and performing arts.

According to Stegmann,”What touches the spirit of man more than art?  From the earliest times, it was literature, music and the visual arts which distinguished man from other beings.  Art is a mystery which communicates through languages which cannot easily be translated into words.  Art is also often controversial, especially when it is contemporary. “

The Sasol New Signatures competition has been a platform for promoting emerging artists and their work to the art loving public at large.  Many of the works now have a proud place in the Sasol art collection.