Hall of fame | Minnette Vári

From Merit Award Winner... to  Regional Judge

Minnette Vári was recognised by the Sasol New Signatures judges in 1990 and 1991 when she was awarded prestigious Merit Awards

Regional judging 2019

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On Thursday, 20 June

Meet the judges 2019: Wilhelm van Rensburg

Wilhelm is a Senior Art Specialist at Strauss & Co and is sitting on the panel of this year's Sasol New Signatures final judging. We reached out to him to find out what he expects from this

Understanding different art media

Entries for Sasol New Signatures 2019 are open and entrants will be submitting their works at the designated collection points on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 and Wednesday, 19 June 2019. We are looking

Meet the judges 2019: Cate Terblanche

Cate Terblanche is Sasol's art curator and will sit on this year's Sasol New Signatures final judging panel.

This is your second year as a judge , what was your biggest takeout from

2019 Q&A with National Chairperson

You have been involved with Sasol New Signatures for a few years now. Can you identify any changes in the entries in terms of genre, quality and so forth?

Visual art’s