Pretoria Art Museum: Ceiling Configuration

If the artwork you will be submitting for the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition hangs from the ceiling, it must be adapted for hanging from the Pretoria Art Museum’s ceiling.  

Be aware of the following restrictions:

  • A work hanging from the ceiling may not weigh more than 10kg.  Should such a work consist of several parts, the total weight is limited to 10kg per square meter. 
  • The height from the floor to the grid on which ceiling works must be hung, is 390cm.
  • Clear assembly and disassembly instructions must be supplied.   

The following images show the ceiling configuration:

Prep Rods

Ceiling with closed sections

Prep Rods

Example of open sections

Prep Rods

Close up of metal grid


For Regional Submissions:

  • Check with the collection point beforehand whether they can accommodate large scale installations and works hanging from the ceiling.
  • If your artwork cannot be installed due to a lack of capacity at the regional collection point, photographic proposals may be submitted. 
  • If the work is selected for the final judging in Pretoria, the physical work must be delivered to the regional collection point within 1 day of notification from the organisers.
  • Artists are solely responsible for the assembly and disassembly of artworks at collection points which can accommodate installations and works hanging from the ceiling.

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