Pretoria Art Museum: Hanging System

For the final exhibition, only the Pretoria Art Museum’s rod system may be used to hang works. This means that your submitted artwork must be ready to hang using any of the systems listed in the Fact Sheet: Preparing your artwork.

While the museum’s staff will curate and install the final exhibition, it is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that their work can be displayed using Pretoria Art Museum’s system.  Artworks not adhering to this requirement may be disqualified at regional level.

How the rod system works:

  • The D-rings or eye hooks on the back of the artwork are placed over the hook on the rod.
  • Heavier works are usually hung on two rods; smaller works are hung on the hanging wire attached to the back of the work.  The images below show how this works in practice.
Prep Rods

Example of rod

Prep Rods

Example of hook

Prep Rods

Example of D-ring over hook

Prep Rods

Placing the artwork onto the hooks

Prep Rods

Example of artwork hanging from two hooks

What is the weight restriction for wall hanging works?

The weight of a work hanging on a wall may not exceed 30kg. Should such a work consist of several parts, the total weight is limited to 30kg.

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