Wood, screws and nails
190 cm X 62 cm X 26 cm

Reconstructed deconstruction; upon entering the synaptic cleft.

Two weeks

Ink printed onto Fabriano
Diptych: (2) 103 cm X 77,5 cm
Edition: 1/8

This artwork documents my life/my world over a period of two weeks. Each graphic and visual represents a feeling, an emotion, a sound, a thought, an idea, and an experience. The artwork has been constructed on a time-line going from left to right. Each A1 print (week 1 & week 2) has been divided into seven days consisting of two parts each. The notches/lines above the timeline on each work are indicative of 12-hour zones, thus creating 24 hours on each day.

In living water

Photographic prints
Triptych: 45 cm X 65 cm | 65 cm X 45 cm | 45 cm X 65 cm

Mapping Loss – Spaces and Dialogues

Pins, text, ceramics, blue and white thread, acetate, printing vinyl on canvas, amadeo steel rods, Perspex and wood 10 Part: 220 cm X 150 cm X 170 cm My body of work is based on memory and the spatiality of death and loss. I am obsessed with the absence brought about by the loss of an individual and their connectedness to a specific space. I use an archaeological-archival methodology to map the experience of bereavement. I thus focus on the theory of affect and space within my art practice.

Fused glass and street money

Installation: 81 cm X 127 cm X 56,6 cm

Like many South Africans, my primary mode of transport is walking and making use of public transport. Whilst walking to and from destinations I experience the world around me a lot more intimately than if I were just driving a car. Something that became apparent to me, while walking-common in different parts of Port Elizabeth-is money laying on the ground. Sometimes the coins are still in a condition to be used while others are so badly damaged that they just about represent an object that stands for our South African economy.


Digital video
201 seconds
Edition: 1/5

In this work, the constructed nature of culture and systems within society are of prime importance. The stop motion technique is employed in this piece to formulate a narrative that emphasises the constructed nature of the environment on display. Two-dimensional drawing elements, three-dimensional objects and sound recordings are combined to create a play between the fictional and the non-fictional and to challenge perception.

Paying homage

Mixed media

Installation: 250 cm X 250 cm X 40 cm

This artwork addresses labour issues, particularly within the garment and textile industry. It is a reaction to my mother and grandmother who worked and continues to work, in this trade. This work references the lack of recognition, exploitation as well as mental and physical trauma they endured. With this installation, I aim to honour these workers and pay homage to them.

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