Sasol New Signatures 2018 | Limitless

Regional judges choose 94 works for final exhibition

The regional judging is complete and 94 works have made the cut for the final round of judging. Professor Pieter Binsbergen, National Chair said: “It is encouraging to see quality raw talent vying for inclusion in the Sasol New Signatures catalogue, which is eagerly anticipated by international art enthusiasts who are sitting up and paying attention to our artists.”          

The national judges now have a busy and exciting time ahead of them as they focus on the shortlisted entries with the winner, runner up and five merit award winners being announced on Wednesday 29 August at an award ceremony hosted at the Pretoria Art Museum.

Judging plenty of entries with diverse mediums is a tough job but the judges stuck to the three different criteria of concept, technique and presentation and the successful pieces were well conceptualised, well executed and well presented. Ledelle Moe from the panel in Cape Town said: “Although I have had the opportunity to view a fragment of the entries, I found the works compelling and insightful. This makes me very optimistic about the future generation of artists in South Africa”.

This year’s entries highlighted topics like social media, identity politics, the environment, gender and challenges around political and social justice. Ashley Walters from Whow Studios in Cape Town commented  “Identity and belonging is still strong throughout many works, including specifically land and ownership” and Stellenbosch judge Isabel Mertz agreed that “Strong narratives were identity, place/space attachment and displacement”.                         

The stakes are high with the overall winner walking away with R100 000 and an opportunity to host their first solo exhibition as part the 2019 competition and we share the view of Professor Binsbergen who says:  “I’m excited to see who comes out tops this year. Whoever wins will be the creator of a world-class contemporary artwork”.

The Sasol New Signatures Exhibition is open to the public from 30 August to 7 October 2018, held at the Pretoria Art Museum.