Model Release Form

Model Release Form

The competition rules stipulate that a Model Release statement be included for all artworks depicting identifiable persons, irrespective of age.  While a specific condition for the competition, it is advisable for artists to always enter into an agreement with their model/s to avoid possible legal repercussions. The unauthorised use of another person’s image can lead to serious consequences for the artist.

What is a Model Release Form?

  • This practice is an agreement between the artist and the model (person depicted in the artwork) and protects both parties in event of a dispute.  The agreement includes conditions of release, use of images and renumeration as agreed by the artist and the model or their representative.
  • It is advisable that artists always draw up such an agreement at the time of production to prevent future disputes.   Templates for Model Release Forms are widely available on the internet and easily adapted for your own artistic practice.

Why is a Model Release statement required for the competition?

  • A model release statement is required for the competition to ensure that the competition organisers are not held legally responsible for any claims resulting from the unauthorised use of a third party’s physical image by the artist.
  • If such claims arise, the artist will solely be responsible for settling the matter.
  • It also ensures that the personal and civil rights of the model are respected.

When do I need to include a Model Release statement?

  • Model Release statements are only required for artworks containing images of identifiable persons.  
  • If your submission includes the depiction of an identifiable person, irrespective of age, a signed model release statement must be included in the entry form.
  • The use of images of anyone under 18 is particularly sensitive and artists are advised to proceed with caution.   If images of anyone under 18 are submitted, the artist must obtain the written consent of that child’s parent or guardian.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that the necessary consent has been obtained, including any copyright permissions which may apply.  

Where do I find the Model Release statement?

  • The Model Release statement for the competition is included in the Entry Form.

What happens if a Model Release statement is not included?

  • Relevant works will be disqualified.
  • Works which additionally violate any copyright laws will also be disqualified.


Closely linked to the Model Release Form, is the issue of copyright. The use of any images taken from social media platforms, websites etc., could be subject to copyright. The unauthorised use of images could result in serious repercussions for the artist and must be avoided at all costs.  For notes on copyright, refer to the Copyright Fact Sheet.

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