Checklist for submissions

Use this handy checklist to ensure that you have the best chance of having your work accepted.

Check your eligibility for entering the competition. If in doubt, contact the organisers, or refer to Fact Sheet: Who can enter?


Check the parameters of the work/s you wish to submit. This includes size and weight, as well as time restrictions for video works. Works not adhering to the conditions of entry will be disqualified. This includes copyright.  
Is your work ‘hang ready’, i.e. can it be hung on a wall when you submit it to a collection point? Refer to the Fact Sheet: Preparing your work, Pretoria Art Museum: Hanging System, Pretoria Art Museum: Ceiling Configuration, for details.  
Liaise with the relevant collection point to determine whether a work can be hung from the ceiling for regional selection – you may submit a photographic proposal.  
Ensure that you have detailed assembly and disassembly instructions included if your artwork requires assembly.  
Take a photograph of each work and print this. Attach to the entry form. Installations need several photographs to be included.  
Write your biography and conceptual statement. Use the Fact Sheet templates if preferred. Bio template | Artists CV template  
Work out a reasonable selling price for your work. Refer to the website Resources on pricing for details.  
Complete the Entry Form from the Sasol New Signatures website, download it and print a hard copy.  
Check that you have all the required documents together, place in an envelope if preferred. Printed documents listed in the documents submission list below must accompany each submission.  
Ensure that your art will be protected during transport to the submission point. Art often gets damaged in transit if not protected. Works on paper and unframed works are especially at risk. Craft a cardboard container if necessary. Please unpack the work at the submission point for the regional judging.  
Check the submission dates and regional venues. If you live outside these areas, you need to arrange for delivery via a third party on or before the stipulated dates. Please inform the submission venue if you are sending your work with a courier.  
Ensure that you deliver the works and the supporting documentation to the submission points during the stipulated time frames.  
Make arrangements for the collection of unselected works. If someone else will be collecting on your behalf, issue them with a permission letter which contains details of your artwork and a copy of your ID.  


  • Hard copy of the completed and signed entry form
  • Copy of Identity Document OR Permit of Permanent Residence
  • Colour photograph of the work (for reference only)
  • Biography of no longer than 250 words
  • Conceptual statement/synopsis that outlines the central idea of the work. This should be no longer than 250 words
  • Assembly, disassembly and maintenance instructions (if applicable)
  • Packing and unpacking instructions (if applicable)

Download fact sheet