Who can enter?

The Sasol New Signatures Art Competition is open to all emerging artists over the age of 18, who have not yet had a solo exhibition, except for study purposes.

What is an emerging artist?

An emerging artist is generally accepted as someone who is at the beginning of their career, and who has not yet established a solid reputation within the art world.  An emerging artist may or may not have any level of academic art training and has a ‘modest’ body of work with few group exhibitions on credit.  The term does not imply a specific age limit, rather it refers to the length of the artist’s career and the exposure they have received during this timeframe.

You can enter if…

  • You are over 18. There is no upper age limit.
  • You are a South African citizen or have a Permit of Permanent Residence.
  • You have not yet had a solo exhibition.
  • You have only had a solo exhibition for study purposes (i.e. as a requirement for a formal qualification).
  • You have participated in group exhibitions, although this is not a requirement.
  • You are not represented by a gallery or agent.
  • You need not have an academic qualification or background in art.
  • Collaborations of up to two artists are allowed. All entry conditions are applicable to both artists.

You cannot enter if…

  • You are younger than 18.
  • You are a citizen of another country without a Permit of Permanent Residence for South Africa.
  • You are an international student studying in South Africa without a Permit of Permanent Residence.
  • You have had a solo exhibition with a recognised art gallery or art institution. 
  • You are represented by a gallery or an agent.
  • You had a solo exhibition at an art trade fair or similar art event.
  • You are a full-time university lecturer in art or art related fields.


The winner will be expected to produce work for a solo exhibition in the following year.  If you are unable to commit to that requirement for any reason, rather postpone your entry to a more suitable year.