2017 | Sasol New Signatures


Wandering Oil on wood

Oil on wood
42cm x 59,5cm

This work is about the old Kempton Park abandoned and haunted hospital. I was fascinated by the hospital as it was abandoned 20 years ago without a trace as to why it happened. There are patient files and x-rays that still haunt the shelves and hospital equipment which still stands forgotten.

Emergency procedure for dinner with family

Emergency procedure for dinner with family
109,5cm x 52cm
In case of surprise visit from parents
98,5cm x 45cm
Linoleum print and collage on board

Cocoon Metal shavings, mechanism and stand

Metal shavings, mechanism and stand
240cm x 180cm x 85cm

This installation is a mechanism and a stand composed of various metal shavings. The cocoon has a beckoning and attractive tactility which harbours and emits a hidden violence, as its shuddering suggests a life form within.

Mosadi o tswara thipa ka bogaleng Mixed media

My mixed media artworks explore my identity as a modern black female in the Tswana culture. My works usually consist of subjective explorations which juxtapose my appreciation of my culture and my black feminist criticism of it simultaneously. I use a combination of photographic cut-outs, digital manipulation and an addition of the Shweshwe cloth as the main aspect of this multimedia style to comment on the violence and oppression against black women throughout history, and how it has culminated in various feelings of perplexity – resulting in my problematic identity construction.

Ke sale teng Animated film

Ke sale teng
Animated film
202 seconds

Ke sale teng confronts how family photo albums no longer have a fixed narrative, but instead, opens us to reinterpret our past. Perhaps this kind of reinterpretation is an interrogation of our need to preserve a certain narrative. Photo albums are arranged as if to tell life stories and testimonies and build identities, however, the image is never ‘complete’ – we are only presented with visual clues that allow our own imagination to further ‘complete’ the story.

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